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New — DataSpaces 1.8.0 released!

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Revision History


1.8.0 Released May 2019

  • Added new metadata support API calls (see header file for usage.)
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements for InfiniBand transport.

1.7.2 Released September 2018

  • Added lock type 3
  • Various bug-fixes.

1.7.0 Released July 2018

  • Added DataSpaces-as-a-Service (DSaaS) functionality.
  • Added shared-memory based communication for collocated peers.
  • Various performance improvements and bug-fixes.
  • Deprecated and removed DCMF, Portals, and PAMI transport methods.

1.6.2 Released June 2017

  • Added support for Cray Dynamic RDMA Credentials (DRC)
  • Supports Aries on Cray XC40 systems.
  • Necessary for NERSC’s Cori machine: use –enable-drc with configure
  • Improved support for IBM XL compiler
  • Minor bug fixes

1.6.1 Released June 2016

  • Added network support: Aries for Cray XC30.
  • Updated support for automake-1.12 and above.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

1.6.0 Released July 2015

  • Added network support: socket for TCP/IP.
  • Added feature: new data deleting API for removing data identified by version, from the staging area.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

1.5.0 Released January 2015

  • Version checking for client/server compatibility.
  • Support for DIMES on InfiniBand.
  • A new set of examples.

1.4.0 Released June 2014

  • Added network support: PAMI for IBM BlueGene/Q
  • Support for 64bit dimension sizes
  • Support for more than three dimensions

1.3.0 Released December 2013

  • Optimized memory usage on server side for Gemini to overcome low RDMA memory constrains
  • Distributed client’s registration process, changed file locking mechanism on IB to reduce boot-up time
  • Parallelized DIMES get operation to improve data transfer performance
  • Unified interface for coupled writer/reader testing applications in C and Fortran

1.2.0 Released May 2013

  • Added network support: DCMF for IBM BlueGene/P
  • Added feature: new data coupling APIs that allow point-to-point data transfers directly between tightly coupled processes by bypassing staging servers
  • Added coupled writer/reader testing applications in C
  • Single codebase for all supported networks

1.1.0 Released November 2012

  • Added network support: Infiniband
  • Added support for sub-group lock/unlock using application defined MPI communicator

1.0.0 Released July 2012

  • Network support: Portals for Cray XT series, Gemini for Cray XE/XK series